Gospodin V. BALIKCHIEV (Kiril Hiristov Primary School, Bulgaristan)


LG.V. Balakchiev was born in 1954 and was graduated respectively from Technical School in Dimitrovgrad (1974) and from Shumen University named “Konstantin Preslavski” (1980) on the subject Bulgarian Filology. After a period of serving as a teacher he was firstly director of Nikola Jonkov Vaptsarov Primary School during year 1983-1985, director of Hristo Botev Primary School during years of 1985-1987 and currently he is director of Kiril Hristov Primary School in Stara Zagora. He and his school have been involved in a number of EU projects and are currently conducting the “Innovative School” project. G.V.Rodicheva Balakchiev knows Russian.

Konuşma Başlığı: Innovation in Education: Application of Digital Technology in Teaching at Kiril Hristov School in Bulgaria

We are living in a period when the instructional models in education are rapidly changing. With the extensive active participation of teachers and electronic books in teaching and learning processess, traditional models of education are less used.
In this presentation we will share our experienses in applying digital technology and using electronic boks in teaching at Kiril Hristov primary school in Stara Zagora town (Bulgaria) which is financed by municipality and which is one of the most sucsesful schools in the town and in the country. Also, we will report on theachers’ and students’ oppinions regarding such kinds of innovative initiatives in the school.