Prof. Dr. Souad SASSI BOUDEMAGH (University of Constantine, Cezayir)

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Konuşma Başlığı: A more integrated perspective of the knowledge space and cognitive learning for a professional expertise in an evolving society
Times are changing, the world is changing because the generations are changing, and the university is the institution that is the most affected by changes in society as well as knowledge.
Indeed, in the era of the knowledge economy, two new paradigms emerge on the horizon of university courses: employability (adapting and selling to the job market) and entrepreneurship (creating one’s own company creating one’s own employment). These two paradigms force us to consider learning in a more integrated and innovative way.
Innovation in learning is inevitably driven by innovation in teaching since new learning methods call for new teaching methods (deciding where and when to learn, choosing how and what to learn, weaving one’s network learning and teaching).
Moreover, this university is faced with the dilemma of the teacher who masters the knowledge, facing a student who masters the new tools. In terms of quality of teaching, a selection is already being made on the basis of the use or not of new technologies in teaching.
The new attitudes generated by the change in the construction of knowledge, and more precisely in cognition, are turned towards know-how and know how to be, summoned to professional profiles.
This intervention aims to evaluate the experience of a vocational training program implemented at the University of Constantine3, that of the Management of Architecture and Town Planning Projects, in terms of innovative learning methods and their relationship to the teaching of the project by the project with regard to the targeted professional competency and know-how.
KEY WORDS: Cognitive learning, innovative learning, Know how, know how to be, professional expertise